2024 CrossFit Open at Anthem!

The 2024 CrossFit Open is in one week! We are so excited to be hosting the FIRST EVER Open at Anthem!!

Some of you know what the Open is and have participated in the past and some of you are brand new to this. You may have heard coaches encouraging you to participate, but you still aren’t sure.

We think registering for the Open is definitely worthwhile. Think of it as your yearly physical. Every year, you get to see your progress–skills you’ve learned and strength gains you’ve made. It’s great to see your progress over the years. Plus, when you pay the $20 to officially participate, you’re likely to try a little harder. It’s a lot of fun and it is a great way to celebrate each other and this community. There is a lot of comradery that happens during these WODS. If that’s not enough reason, CrossFit HQ has some additional compelling reasons why you should sign up and if you need more convincing feel free to read this.

Ok, I signed up…what should I expect?

  1. FUN! There is something extra special about this experience. Every one is pushing a little harder and the whole gym is in your corner. We want to celebrate you and your hard work! There’s so much energy during these workouts. Everyone is a little nervous and a little excited. It makes for an extra special experience. And hey, you might just surprise yourself!
  2. The workouts are released on Thursday afternoons and we will be doing them during ALL class times on Fridays. The Open is three weeks, so plan to participate in Open WODS on March 1, 8, 15th.
  3. If you signed up for the Open and are planning to do the WODS RX, you will need a coach or an approved judge to judge you. Why? We have to validate your scores. Anthem is in charge of making sure our athletes follow the standards of this world wide competition. If you aren’t planning to do the WODS during class time, please reach out to Hadley or Eric to arrange a judge. We cannot validate scores for RX athletes if your judge is not a coach or an approved judge (approved by Hadley/Eric).
  4. Like a long warm-up? Come early!!! We will be running at least two heats in every class, so warm-up time will be minimal.
  5. You will have to judge each other. What does this mean? Think partner count, but if the rep doesn’t meet the standards, you don’t count it. Is it mean? No. You are protecting the integrity of the competition. AND, you are making the athlete better. Athletes, if you receive a no rep, no big deal! Just do the rep again to the prescribed standard. We all have moments where we miss the rep….you get tired and things get messy. No big thing! Just make sure you fix it, so your next reps will count.

If you haven’t signed up, you can do so here.

That’s pretty much it! Show up, have fun, and celebrate each other’s wins!! And don’t forget, if you want an Anthem Open shirt, sign up at the gym until March 1. We won’t be ordering ANY extras.