ANTHEM HERO WOD: “The Sheriff” & Orange Wednesdays!!

As you all know, Justin goes out of his way to care for others in every aspect of his life…as a coach, a Deputy Sheriff, an athlete, a father, and a husband. His birthday is this Friday, so it seemed like a great excuse to celebrate him and the many ways he makes this community better (both at Anthem and the community at large).

Justin was born on June 7th, 1982. He has been serving as a Washington County Deputy Sheriff for the last 19 years. He’s husband to the incredibly patient & understanding Renee, and father to two strong girls, Gladys & Lydia. Thank you, Justin, for your service to this community that we love and for the MANY, MANY ways you have made Anthem special.

“The Sheriff”
For Time with a Partner:
82 Hang Squat Cleans (135/95)
EMOM starting at 0:00, 7 Synchro Toes to Bar

Anthem will complete this WOD, every Wednesday the week of Justin’s birthday moving forward.

Additionally, in his honor and to celebrate the incredible first responders in our midst we will be kicking off Orange Wednesdays at Anthem!

What is Orange Wednesdays?

Wear something Orange in support of our First Responders!

Why Orange?

The significance of orange started as a happenstance about 10 years ago. On a random Wednesday, Justin, Tom Boardman, and Brian all showed up in orange at the gym. What started as a silly coincidence has remained their tradition ever since (without exception, these 3 have worn orange every Wednesday for the 7+ years I have known them). So, we thought it was a fitting way to celebrate our first responders, and the comradery that is required to survive the often thankless work they do on a daily basis.

Join us in wearing orange on Wednesdays! A color that few look good in, but now signifies the comradery, the bravery, and the sacrifice our first responders make without complaint every day.