February Member Spotlight: Jen Teat

What brought you to Anthem in the first place?
When I found out that Hadley & Adam were going to be opening a new gym with focus on strength training, I was intrigued. I have always been more of an endurance athlete, but I was interested to see what would happen if I switched it up a little. I have not been disappointed!

What was your first impression of CrossFit? How has that changed?
My initial impression of CrossFit was there’s no way I can do this but I love getting really sweaty. Now I have learned everyone can do CrossFit! CrossFit is a great way to get a great workout and push my body to do things I never thought I could do.

What was your first “bright spot” at Anthem?
It doesn’t take long for anyone to see how supportive the culture is at Anthem. Along with building strength, I didn’t know I had, I’ve met so many wonderful humans at Anthem! That’s something that is truly special about the culture of CrossFit, but specifically Anthem. Anthem is a very happy and calming place for me.

What are you working on now?
Stringing together toes to bar and double unders, as well as mobility. Anyone who’s seen me workout knows I need all the help with that.

And most importantly: what is your favorite song for a lifting session and what is your favorite for a metcon?
I love “A Day To Remember” I don’t have a specific song I just need loud noise that resembles yelling at me.