March Member Spotlight: Tu Lu

If you know Tu then you know he is your biggest fan. He is always in your corner, whether you are brand new or a seasoned CrossFitter. It is easy to see he cares deeply about those around him. When most of us are still trying to make complete sentences at 5:30am, he is always encouraging and celebrating everyone in the class. But, he isn’t just a cheerleader. He works hard. He is extremely coachable–always welcoming feedback and implementing it. And it is paying off. He is an extremely impressive athlete in his own right, even though you would never know it because he is incredibly humble. Since Anthem’s opening, he has had several PR’s and learned many new skills. He works his weaknesses and it shows!

What brought you to Anthem in the first place?
I met Hadley and EC at a previous gym. We clicked immediately. Great banter, lots of laughs, and top notch coaching. It’s easy to admire their strong family values, care for others, and obsession with personal improvement. When Hadley told me her Anthem vision, I knew I wanted in.

What was your first impression of CrossFit?
Roger Antonich invited me to a drop-in class in 2020. I remember the workout: rowing and dumbbell box step overs. I was so out of shape. It was hard and I felt sore for days. I didn’t buy into CrossFit at the time. I told myself I didn’t need CrossFit and I’d get back in shape on my own.

How has that changed?
A year later I caught up with Roger and he was in better shape than before. Working out on my own wasn’t working. I was in peak dad bod mode. I did another drop-in and I was hooked this time. CrossFit is still hard but I have grown to love it. The intensity level is higher than any workout I would do on my own. It’s a blast to work out with friends.

What was your first “bright spot” at Anthem?
One time, EC gave my power snatch a thumbs up. Also day 1 when we didn’t have any assault bikes, yet 😂.

What are you working on now?
Double unders

What is your favorite song for a lifting session and what is your favorite for a metcon?
Lift: Lose Yourself by Eminem
Metcon: Starwalkin by Lil Nas X

We know we are so lucky to have Tu as an athlete at Anthem. He is among many fantastic humans who make this community special!